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Brooklyn General will accept yarn donations for charity.  We will either re-package donated yarn for sale and donate those proceeds minus re-packaging cost to charity or donate the yarn itself to charity.  Donations will go toward Women’s Shelters throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Conditions for Donation:

1. Yarn must be moth free and in good condition.

2. No more than 1 pound per individual donation.

3. Natural Fibers only.

4. Credit for yarn will be $5.00/pound.

5. In order to receive credit on your BGS account, yarn must be purchased at Brooklyn General no more than 6 months ago.  Please provide receipt when donating.  This saves us time looking through your purchases to find the yarn.

6. We will accept yarn not purchased at Brooklyn General provided it is made of natural fibers and in good condition.  Credit will not be offered for these donations, however.